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In 2021 I was facing the fact that my only child would be leaving me for university. In order to deal with the impending anxieties I made three bonbon dishes which reflected the issues I was most anxious about.  Bonbon dishes are a way of making offerings to others so the message on the dish was designed to symbolically pass responsibilities I felt for my son, to him. After the cathartic effect was felt, I continued to make bonbon dishes about other aspects of my life which were on my mind at any one time - memories, conversations, issues - then almost a year later, stopped at 100 dishes.

At around the same time,the categories for Grayson's Art Club 3 were announced and 'Inside my Head' felt like it was made for these dishes, so I entered them and the rest , as they say, is history...or more accurately, still available to watch on All4: Grayson's Art Club seried 3, episode 4 and 'The Exhibtion'!

Bonbon Stories are currently on show at Birmingham MAC (Midlands Art Cenre) until April 2023.

"They're just so pro!" - Grayson Perry

The stories relating to each dish can be found by visiting instagram. Link in the menu bar above
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